About Us

MCO Intern, Ryan, volunteering with the Library Project

MCO Intern, Ryan, volunteering with the Library Project

Participating in an internship in China is a great way to network and make friends from around the world.

Participating in an internship in China is a great way to network and make friends from around the world.

International Internships in Asia

MCO specializes in connecting top performing students from American & European universities with international internships in Beijing, Taipei, and Cambodia. Through our personalized interview process, we get to know each applicant on a one-to-one level to fully understand their skill sets, career goals and ambitions. While in interning in Asia, we arrange an array of cultural & social activities, networking events, and mentoring opportunities, to help each intern transition smoothly into Asian society.

Who We Are?

MCO was started by two young Americans in search of unique opportunities to enhance their career development and to learn more the developing world.  Our Co-Founders combined have lived & worked in China for nearly 17 years and understand how it is living in a country where the culture is completely different from the West. For more information about our co-founders, check out our team.

Why MCO?

Our founders started MCO because of the ever-growing need for cultural understanding between Asia and the West. As China and Cambodia’s economy develops, it’s important for students & young professionals who are entering the job market, to fully understand the culture so that they can remain competitive in this globalized world. By participating in our program, we mentor you through this exciting journey so that you’ll have an awesome experience and learn tons about Asia.


 Our Philosophy  

Choosing the right career is not an easy task. Experiencing a new culture, while interning in Beijing, Taipei, or Cambodia can help you discover new things you never knew about yourself, personally & professionally!

Why did we start My China Opportunity?

After being in China for several years, our Co-Founders knew that China’s economy & global influence would eventually catch up to the developed world. The differences in language, culture and customs are much different from the west. This is why our Co-Founders, Chris & Miranda, thought it was important for more young professionals & students to experience and understand what is happening in China. Follow this link to learn more about our Co-Founders.

After years in Beiijng, our co-founders found the importance of other economies outside of the Mainland, which is why the MCO program expanded into Cambodia and Taipei.

How you fit in?

Globalization is happening on a world level. Many western enterprises are now coming to China and Cambodia in search of new business opportunities. Asia is also a major player in foreign direct investment globally. These opportunities created by the China miracle provide long term job opportunities for people all over the world. By participating in an internship, we help you gain the necessary skills & knowledge to understand China or Cambodia’s culture, customs, and language.

Our Vision:

MCOis a dynamic professional & educational consulting company that bridges the gap between the East and West, by providing meaningful internships and expertise of China and Cambodia for each of it's interns.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity & Respect while working with our partners and interns.

  • Fun, social & educational activities.

  • Extending knowledge of Asia and its business practices for a faster and smoother transition into Asian culture.

  • We firmly believe in supporting the local community by giving back by donating time and resources to The Library Project and our reforestation initiatives in Cambodia.