Our Founders 

My China Opportunity’s co-founders have been living & working in China for more than nine years combined. While living in China, their professional networks have grown immensely and their expertise of China has become advanced. Our Co-Founders enjoy helping & mentoring students as they intern in China. 

Christopher Cheung: Co-Founder


Christopher came to China right after graduation in December 2008. During that time, the US financial crisis took place so Chris decided he would develop his career in China because opportunities seemed more abundant. After being in China for a couple of years, he wanted to help students abroad gain a competitive edge by helping them acquire internships through his professional network. He co-founded My China Opportunity to serve this cause. His idea for My China Opportunity was to offer an internship program that would make coming to China possible for more students but with a smoother transition. Christopher is from Southern California, and is a graduate from Northern Arizona University; where he studied Finance, International Business and Chinese Mandarin.

Email: chris{at}mychinaopportunity.com

Miranda Mullett: Co-Founder & Managing Director



Miranda is the co-founder of My China Opportunity. She also observed the need for a service to assist other foreigners in becoming comfortable and acquainted in a new culture, so she decided to partake in the effort of helping others develop themselves in China.

With a passion for sustainability and charity, Miranda pushes MCO to be more involved in community projects. Miranda led the production of Laji Couture, an event that focused on educating the community about sustainability through fashion and design. For the 2013 project, MCO is hosting monthly classes called Back to Basix, which helps people in the community learn different skills for a more enriched and balanced life.  

She studied Chemistry and Business at Northern Arizona University and is from New Mexico.

Email: mm{at}mychinaopportunity.com