Wow, sorry about not updating this for a while. I've been really busy these past couple of weeks. The company is certainly keeping me very busy. Working every day on one or two projects from morning until evening is certainly different from college where a ton of different things demand your attention.

Anyways, besides being busy with work I've experienced two Chinese holidays here in Beijing. The first was the Mid-Autumn festival, and the second was China's National Day. I worked through the Mid-Autumn festival but I got a respite through the National Day.  Let's see, throughout my stay here I have eaten so much street food, gotten sick (not from the food, well I'm not too sure about that), sort of acclimated to the crazy pollution, visited new parks and ones I've been to before, joined a bunch of groups around Beijing (mainly having to do with Entrepreneurship and Software), gone to a talk about technological immortality, went to a talk with Chris Pu of Intel Capital to hear about Venture Capital and entrepreneurship in Beijing/China, went to a talk with Kaizer Kuo who works in international relations at, and other stuff I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting.  As for work, I've built a website, written market reports and memorandums, and researched various investing opportunities. So it's been a busy month I've been here.

It's been a ton of fun. With the exception of the pollution and the lack of sun (Mr. Kuo gave us a piece of advice to being in Beijing/China: "Stop being a whiny little bit**", so that's all I'll say haha), it's been a great month. 

I will post some pictures later