Towards the end of September I went to a speaker event with Project Pengyou, where the international relations director of talked to us about foreign relations in China. He talked about his experience growing up as part Chinese part American and the effect that had on his transition into China. His occupation when he was young was apparently a rocker in a rock metal band in China.  I have yet to listen anything metal from China...maybe I'll look it up after this.

Anyways, his quote of the night (in my mind) comes from his experience being raised in the US but also having Chinese parents and then coming to live in China: "Don't be a whiny little bi***". If you're from the US and haven't been to China this sounds really weird but for those of you who have been to China, you definitely understand.  As an American in Beijing it is really really easy to look around and always look at things that some Chinese people do and literally think "What the hell just happened?" or "Why the hell do you think that is even remotely socially or humanly acceptable?" (or maybe that's just me =p) , but his point was that to really understand the culture here you have to stop complaining and understand that those things are either cultural or socially acceptable.  He also stated that in order to understand Chinese culture you HAVE to study Chinese history.

This is a really bad picture of the event =p but you can see his long rock legend hair way in the back of the picture.