The next few weeks after the resort trip was a ton of work. My boss had me building and maintaining a website for an event he organized and conducted in early October. If you are not a Chinese person who works for DKI Capital (the current company I work for), then you are more than welcome to take a look at it =) :, otherwise please refrain from doing so. Anyways, here are some miscellaneous pictures from that time period =)

This is what I had for breakfast for a long time, until I got really tired of all the oil on it =p


For Mom: Yes it is rather unhealthy because of all the frying, but it has protein, carbs, and even lettuce =D


Anyways, once I got tired of that I switched over to another cheap alternative which is just a sandwich with pickled vegetables. 

This is the company I work for. This is the front desk.

This is the company I work for. This is the front desk.

They had this on display in Sanlitun for a while. I'm not sure why...

So for the last few weeks of September I mostly worked and maintained on the website I mentioned before, not very exciting but I learned a lot about hosting and building your own website.