Well, while my good friends here at MCO went on their little camping trip, I stayed in dear old Beijing and boiled under the sun. That is, until Monday, when ominous clouds and gray skies rolled in, foretelling the downpour that continued for two days straight.  

On Tuesday, when the rains first set in, I, like thousands of other like-minded tourists, headed to the National Museum of China. 

Thankfully, the queue moved quickly due to the fact that there admission fee came out to a total of zero RMB. All one needed was their passport or Chinese ID to enter into the gargantuan building. 

Tourists resting on the steps after exploring the museum.

The bottom floor was a journey through ancient Chinese artifacts, ending with a life-sized model of Chinese cavemen. The upper floors had jade, money, and buddha collections, as well as a two large rooms filled with African masks and statues. Unfortunately the Africa-centric rooms only had descriptions in Chinese, so I am still unsure of how or why The National Museum had acquired such items.

I finished off my tourism with a trip to Wangfujing Snack Street, which was busy even when puddles lined the alleyway. I ate some Baozi's and grilled corn on the cob, avoiding the scorpions and slimy sea creatures on a stick only so I could perhaps share that experience with a friend. 

 - Percia Verlin

Rainy snack street go-ers.