So two weeks ago we went camping on the Great Wall. We just, you know, slept on top of the world's longest wall in one of the towers. No big deal. (Yes, I know you are jealous.)

We went to this part of the Great Wall in the Jiankou area known as the Wild Wall, in that it is kept in its original condition, unlike Badaling, the section that most sensible tourists choose to visit.

We booked a van to get to the Xizhazi Village, where we could hike up to the top of the Wall. The driver was a little grumpy when he’s told he was to spend the night in his van, so we found him a nice little family inn. We also had lunch there.

The hike took us about two hours. It was a nice sunny day, but most of the time we walked in shades, so the sun was not too unbearable. Everyone was nevertheless drenched in sweat when we reached the top (no regrets).

We started a fire and cooked foil dinner. I’ve never had so many kabobs in one go.

Each of us brought yoga mats and blankets, and set up our sleeping place inside a tower. The corridors were small and we had to squeeze ourselves a bit, which turned out to be a good thing because the night was colder than I expected. It also rained, but mercifully stopped in an hour or so, to save us from a night in puddles.

Anyway, I slept pretty well, cuddling up with my roommates. Everyone woke up earlier than usual in the morning. Some of us went on small adventures, exploring routes and towers nearby.

Hiking down took much less effort, although we had to be careful with our steps. The van was in perfect silence on the way back with everybody sound asleep. I do welcome more of this satisfied exhaustion.

- Kaixin Bao