Between a part time internship and a part time job, my days are filling up! It was about time to get outside of cell phone range and to take a nice dip in the river.

This weekend was a nice get away to a place called Miyun pool rocks. What an amazing place! It’s about two hours outside Beijing and it is the perfect get away for just a day or a weekend. I actually went there with a bunch of people I didn’t even know! I met a great young woman named Maika at the Beekeeping training that we did at my internship company and then I went to a small art show at her spa one night. Next thing, we are going on this great trip with some of her friends and some other random people they invited.

The day consisted of swimming, eating, napping, building in the sand, playing guitar, Meditating, and then eating and repeating. The expat group is an amazingly diverse and fun community to be a part of and involved in. Going to events and meeting more and more people opens up more events to go to and even more people to meet.

 - Justin Ancheta