This past summer as a philanthropic contribution to society, my partner, Miranda, and I are planning an event to encourage sustainability by developing a green platform for businesses and designers. We plan to hold the event September 9, 2012. With the passion for developing sustainable cycles and supporting green design/ businesses, we decided to create this event.

Laji Couture will be an all day event that is split into two parts. The daytime fair will be from 11-3pm and is an interactive event. We will set up 20 booths that will allow organizations to share their ideas and sell their products. We are asking booth participants to bring an interactive element, whether it be DIY projects, tutorials, stories, games, etc. We are also working with about 20 architects who will develop installations during this time. Our architects are being asked to make installations that revolve around the idea of using waste materials to create functionality and utilitarianism. This part of the event is free and open to the public.

For the evening event, we will have a private fashion show, speakers, and cocktails. The evening event will be from 6-9pm, with 400 tickets available.

The overall purpose of our event is education, which is why we are donating all of our proceeds to the Library Project. The Library Project builds libraries in underprivileged areas of China and was started by a fellow alumni. We feel that to have a better future, all individuals need to have access to educational material and resources.

- Christopher Cheung