Being from the states it is not very common for people to say that they regularly ride the subway to work; with the exception of people in New York City. However in Beijing it is seen as one of the most popular and effective way to get around. In this blog post I will give some basic instructions on how to ride the subway:

1) Go to window booth located in the entrance of the subway station. This is where you can purchase a rechargeable subway card for 20 RMB (which you will then have to load money on to) or a one time non-rechargeable card for 2 RMB;  this 2 RMB is the price for 1 trip.

2) Once you have successfully acquired your subway card it is time to go through the entrance gates. Simply scan your card and the gates will open automatically.

3) Next look at a map to make sure you are on the correct side of the platform. (this is very important you don’t want to spend your whole day going the wrong direction!)

4) When you get off the subway you will noticed that you must scan your card again in order to exit the station.

side note: The subway is very crowded during the AM rush hour as well as the PM

- Christopher Cheung