Last weekend we went to the Great Wall to a TEDx event where our Co-Founder Miranda Mullett shared her vision on sustainability and vermicomposting. It was a great opportunity for our interns in China to see awesome speakers from around the world share their inspiring ideas.

TEDxGreat Wall 2012 Speakers:

  • Ray Yip director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in China, who talked about why he has worked for Bill Gates for over a decade
  • Chandran Nair founder of the Global Institute for Tomorrow who told the story of his ground breaking leadership projects which are transforming many lives in Asia
  • Ellen Hou head of planning for TBWA China talked of the realities of being a “successful Chinese woman in China”;
  • Gilbert Van Kerckhove, who has been in China for decades talked about the subject of his insightful new book on what is happening to the environment in China
  • Alastair MacRae, Director of Studies at Harrow international school explained why leadership is finally being taught in schools!
  • Andrea Krause of FYSE one of the leading organizations in Asia promoting social entrepreneurs talked about her passion for entrepreneurship and its success
  • Sahra, Alia and Safi Malik, explained some of the unique challenges of running their Shangrila Farms project which has brought Yunnan Honey to a global market
  • Kath Temple joined us from the Life Long Learning company in the UK to talk of the work she has been doing around Happiness
  • Luke Eid head of Digital at TBWA talked on why and how the web will become evermore our servant and pose the question of whether we are actually its slaves
  • Kevin Jones told us why the number 3 is so important across all cultures
  • Diana Rice explained what she means by Life Alignment and how she passionately believes everyone can achieve it
  • Miranda Mullet talked of her earthworm project which she believes has global potential to improve the environment
  • Steve Lester a famous American sculptor (living in Moscow) as will Kristin Newton a ‘creativity catalyst’ and amazing artist based in Japan) shared their art
  • Peter Thong D.Sc., an all round entrepreneur spoke on why hope is always better than the alternative!
  • CJ Wilson a successful investor explained how he has been establishing companies with none of the traditional walls

- Christopher Cheung