Being an intern at My China Opportunity has been a great success for me. The instant my plane touch down in Beijing I was  taken in by the team, which made this experience even more inviting.

China is a mysterious place to Westerners, which can make visiting/working to some less desirable. However the greatest wisdom I have ever been given is; “if you have butterflies about something and you decide to opt out; you’ll never grow”.   I came to China with those butterflies and have done nothing but grow….

With the economy booming in China, opportunity is vast; whether it be international or domestic. This, among many other reasons was why I initially decided to intern here. Economist have stated that by 2016 China’s economy will surpass the United States; which to me said if there was any better time to learn about this place, its now.

Through this program I traveled to many different parts of Asia, learned crucial business etiquette, studied the language, met a fun interactive social group, and made valuable connections through networking events. Everyday our network of friends would be up to do something; whether it was going to a market or riding a train outside of the city to go for a hike.

As far as the internship itself  went I learned a lot. Being from the West and having a western education goes along way in China. What I mean by this is that your advice/ideas actually get put into play, which comparable to the states an internship is more like having a babysitter teaching you how to due busy work. The Chinese need innovation and creativity, this alone aloud me to test the real currents in the marketing industry. I was not only part of the marketing team,  but in many case the team leader. The 3 months of experience I gained here, would have taken me two years in the US.

-Ryan Huerter

Beijing Intern for summer of 2012!