After my first full week of work,what I’ve generally gathered is that working 9 hours a day for 5 straight days is rather exhausting. This is my first full-time job (internship). It’s all very interesting, since there are so many different parts that go into making a small business work. Though though the different parts work largely autonomously we all report back to the higher ups. I guess I shouldn’t really be explaining this because how a workplace works is only new to me.


I largely have been working with retail. Which is good for familiarizing myself with the products we carry. A lot of the work we do is updating. Updating visitor forms, what has been bought, how the customers feel about our selection, and the new designer profiles. I really like doing research on designers so that we can know their background when explaining their work. I also recently researched a newsletter site because in order to send emails and invitations to our large clientele list gmail is not up to par. We needed a site that is able to send messages to upwards of 3,500 people.


Unfortunately because I’ve been working I haven’t had much time to see the sights but that doesn’t mean I haven’t seen Beijing from my bike. The two neighborhoods I’ve visited most extensively are my own (which extends to my workplace) and the downtown business/foreigner area. I live right below the subway stop Andingmen,which I rarely use because biking is cheaper and better for seeing Beijing. My bike was actually only about 150 RMB which amounts to about 25 U.S. dollars. I haven’t had any problems with it except for one day when I came down to go to work and realized my brakes had been mangled. It cost 20 RMB to get them fixed, but I’m still wondering why it happened. I guess my enemies in high places wish to cause me harm.

Anyway my neighborhood is really cutesy and personal and there are a lot of little Hutongs and shops and restaurants and at least 1 or 2 fruit and vegetable seller/ supermarket on every block (why aren’t the states like that?). The downtown area is usually where I go to meet Chris and Miranda (the people who are running this ship) since they work and used to live down there. I’ve been to networking event, peking duck restaurant night, and gotten a massage. I think what is so striking about Beijing is you can turn a corner and see massive steel and glass shopping malls and office skyscrapers not too far from sights more like this one:


- Percia Verlin