Last weekend’s adventure took us to a place called the Wild Wall. It was located in the Jiankou area. This part of the Great Wall is special because it has never been restored and is in it’s natural condition. On some parts of the wall you can see trees and various shrubs coming out of the towers, which makes for an awesome view.

To get to this amazing location, we booked a private van from some guy that we meet on the internet. We left from the Dongzhimen area and it took around three hours to arrive to this scenic location.

The hike from the Xizhazi village to the top of the wall took around two hours to reach the top. Since the weather was not so good, we got a little dirty on the way up. I have to say it was a pretty slippy going up and down the mountain. When we arrived to the top of the wall, we decided to camp inside one of the towers. Each of us brought yoga mats, and tarps to sleep on. We also brought foil dinners with us, which we prepared beforehand and tasted awesome after they had been sitting on coals for quite sometime. For anyone camping on the Great Wall, I recommend checking out the Jiankou Area. For hikers that are looking for a shorter trail make sure to go to the Xizhazi village, which is much shorter then actually starting from Jiankou.

 - Ryan Huerter