I haven’t quite stopped waking up at 6 every morning. Whether from lingering jetlag or the light from my window, I’m usually up in time to talk to some friends before they eat dinner or go to bed. My small shared apartment has a kitchen so I make myself breakfast with food bought from any of the surrounding food markets and stands. I’m trying to hold off from succumbing to the foreigner supermarkets that carry things like cereal and cheese and instead eat eggs, vegetable and fruit.

My internship starts at 10 or 11 in the morning. Today will be my third day there. My internship is at a company called Wuhao. The idea is a bit hard to explain but they call themselves a curated shop or concept store. They work with designers of clothing and various home items and accessories to create events and shows and also have general displays. It’s all very artsy, and though I’m not sure I could be part of the creative process, the fact that their clientele is almost entirely international is central to my interest.


I’ve been navigating the great city of Beijing via bicycle, a mode of transport which is not for the inexperienced. I actually enjoy the lawlessness (which really isn’t that bad, you just have to realize the cars who are turning don’t yield for pedestrians crossing the street). The area that I am living in is already one of my favorites. It has lots of restaurants and little shops as well as some really popular Hutongs (smaller streets or alleyways). I haven’t really noticed Beijings famous pollution but the dust and free-floating pollen wisps are irritating. Luckily the weather has yet to become unbearably hot.

- Percia Verlin