In working with My China Opportunity and Laji Couture, I have learned much about the use of social media in a business context. To me, Facebook and Twitter used to be just a tool to connect and socialize with friends. However, upon working with the My China Opportunity’s Facebook page, posting blog posts and sharing interesting discoveries about China, I noticed how properly maintained social media is crucial to a business today. Just last week, we gained about 40 likes on our page, and the number of people our page reached skyrocketed from a mere two hundred to three thousand. I began adding pictures and interactive polls to my posts, and, of course, more people responded to my content. I learned that the quality of a company’s posts can easily attract prospect customers or expand the company’s network; hence, it is a very powerful tool for companies to utilize.

Being in Beijing, Facebook and Twitter are not accessible without the use of a VPN. However, weibo (Chinese micro blogging site) and renren, (Chinese version of Facebook) are huge social media sites on the rise in China. In working with Laji Couture, I had the opportunity to use these social media sites. They are very simple to use and in just a few days, I found more than a hundred people interested in our event. By using social media, you can easily share content on the internet, showcase what you can offer, and find new connections.

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- Marcus Wei