Although our days are filled with work and learning new skills that we may apply to our careers or future businesses, the learning does not only take place at work. What I enjoy most about my internship abroad is the fact that every day and everything we do is a new learning experience.

This weekend, John, Ann, and I went to explore one of the markets called Wanfujing. Our mission was to eat scorpions and whatever else we could get our hands on! Walking up through a more modern style outdoor mall and eating area, we turn the corner and its like time traveling. I really enjoy the sensory experiences of traveling because it most definitely opens up your mind by forcing the brain into uncomfortable and unfamiliar experiences: sights, sounds, smells, and tastes. When we arrived at the market we began a feeding frenzy! I purposely didn't eat lunch so that I could make the most of the experience.

First thing I found was the Chinese version of a burrito! Definitely not the same but it made me feel good haha. Man I miss burritos! Next we found an egg French fry masterpiece that I really can't describe but I can tell you that you could make a small fortune in America selling them. Finally we found the scorpions, but for some reason what caught my eye was the tarantula's. After a battle for the price, 80 Kuai, which is way too much for any food I simply walked away after giving him 60. It's quite funny how as westerners we all gather around to watch someone eat a food but of course everyone was taking video of me eating it. Even a couple random guys from the Middle East had to join in the fun haha. Before anyone saw I was already nibbling on the crispy legs and then when they were ready I bit in. To be honest, it was not bad, I was quite disappointed though because it was deep-fried I don't feel like I got much nutrition from it. I finished my crispy critter and moved on to some other dishes. Ann and John ate scorpion and then we called it a night.

Remember, pushing your limits mentally and physically is the only way to grow.  I know you can learn a tremendous amount at any internship but going abroad provides a constant learning environment. Push it to the limit! And then break the limit!

By Justin Ancheta