I've gotten this question plenty of times back home, and to put it short I've repeated it so many times, why not have a typed copy of it. 

Being in China and interning under YMBY has taught me that to be uncomfortable, is to learn. Now, I'm not talking about the sun in your eyes while you are tanning, uncomfortable. Im talking about being a professional in China forces you to raise your interpersonal skills to a different level. 

Since I hardly speak Chinese, communication was a huge problem for me in the beginning. After many head shakes and pity-smiles, I began to learn how to communicate with co workers without really even talking to them. Besides communication, I feel like it the workload and networking with foreigners has basically given me a crash course on how to present myself in the future. Working with digital marketing and also digital design, there are plenty of deadlines- even more so in a part time setting. This taught me to think ahead. Whenever I needed something planned, i would see what would happen and have to project multiple outcomes. Projections means prepared! I also learned that fear is a choice. 

Being around people who are older/wise/smarter can/will be a humbling experience. To be honest, at first I was scared. But soon enough i learned to embrace my fear and turn it into something I could learn from. I gained confidence in completing tasks, and -having a week left- my confidence is now through the roof. I learned to problem solve, to set aside egos and to overall be a better person/professional because of my internship with YMBY. 

By Jonathan Wong

Here is a glimpse of working at YMBY, my eyes throb after staring at a screen for 7 hours

Here is a glimpse of working at YMBY, my eyes throb after staring at a screen for 7 hours