My name is David Marcano, a rising Junior at Yale University.  I am double majoring in Economics and Computer Science.  I am currently taking a gap year and I decided to come to China to do so!  Through My China Opportunity (MCO), I am doing an internship with DKI Capital here in Beijing.  This is my 3rd time in China, and I am excited to be back.

Now for some of my favorite pastimes:  I enjoy playing soccer, hanging out with friends, learning new languages (mostly Chinese =p), and looking at funny buzzfeed posts.  I have been playing soccer since I was little, so if you want to play soccer you should totally invite me!  I always support the Spain team in the World Cup, and Real Madrid for the European cup (sorry Barcelona).  I have been studying Chinese for my two years of college and I love the language.

 There will be many more blogs to come in the future, so don't worry.  I will keep you guys updated on my adventures here.  Until next time!


-- David Marcano