While the weather is still somewhat warm and the sun is shining, I have been able to explore Beijing. I went to a vintage fair on the outskirts of the city last weekend. I didn’t really know what to expect, but to my surprise it was amazing. There was a live band playing, veggie hot dogs, cool bikes and even adorable dogs to play with…what more could a girl want?

Following the vintage fair, I went to explore Chaoyang Park. When I was told we would be going to a park I pictured a grass field, lots of trees, maybe a pond. Boy was I wrong! Apparently “parks” here are huge fairs. There were roller-coasters, food stands, carousels, games and even design week tents there. Not to mention adorable paddle boats you could ride around the lake. I decided to go on a roller-coaster and thought I was going to die the entire ride, but overall it was a really fun day.

To top off the week of fun, my boss hooked me up with four free tickets to the Mariah Carey World Tour in Beijing. I got to bring along three friends and see a greats show. The only weird part was the fact no one really knew the words to any of the songs.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of October has in store for me!