Hi everyone, this is Yuko (aka Coco) from California. I moved to Beijing a month ago for my internship at DMG entertainment. The first couple of days when I arrived to Beijing, I was a bit lost because of how massive Beijing is. The vibes of Beijing come from every corner of the city and I definitely feel the city’s inclusiveness and hospitality to westerners. If someone asked me what Beijing is like, I would have to tell them that Beijing has everything in your wildest dream, from tasty street foods to awesome events/parties. It is a place where fantasies come true! I’m very happy that I made the decision to come to Beijing for my internship. For my first month in Beijing these are some of the things I did. 

  1. I went to the famous tourist attraction spots in Beijing 
  2. I ate so much great food. I’m a super foodie and Beijing is a great place to facilitate awesome dining experiences for western and eastern audiences. 
  3. I shopped, shopped and shopped again. 
  4. I’ve made so many new friends. I counted almost 100 new friends in the last month.
  5. I drank lots of Boba Milk Tea, which is my absolute favorite! 
  6. I went to church every Friday and Sunday. Surprised, they do have places to go to church in Beijing!