I really didn’t know what to expect when coming to intern in China. However, to my surprise, the transition has been quite smooth coming from the American workplace. I am interning at LifeStyle Magazine here in Beijing. So far, I love my job. I get to write articles for the magazine, work on social media content, and attend glamorous events multiple times a week. The great thing about being a foreigner in China, if you speak English well, is that you have a skill set that is very valuable. In America, obviously speaking English is something everyone can do. Here, that is not the case. More and more they need English speakers in the workplace. I am working at a bilingual publication, which allows me to write for the English part of the magazine. I think if I was working at an all-Chinese office, the job would be much more difficult to adjust to. Since it is a bilingual publication, half of the office is American or speaks English very well. I can’t wait to see all of the amazing things this job has in store for me. I know I won’t be disappointed.