Over the past few weeks I heard over and over again about a coffee shop that was modeled after the café in the famous T.V. show Friends. Now, I may not completely understand Chinese culture yet, but I do understand one thing for certain. They are obsessed with Friends. So naturally, it came as no surprise that a man decided to make an exact replica of the coffee shop right here in Beijing. (I’ve been told there’s one in Shanghai as well)

I ventured over to the café with a friend. It was nearly impossible to find. On the sixth floor of a huge shopping complex. However, when we finally arrived, It was adorable! While it was very small, it looked just like the TV show. From the menu on the wall, to the intricate details from the show, I felt as if I had returned to the nineties. The shop even had a big orange couch where Friends was playing on repeat. My friend and me ordered some lattes and got to choose a cupcake from the Friends menu in which each character had its own flavor.

China can be really cute sometimes.