As far as I can remember, I've never seen a Panda in real life until yesterday, when I went to The Beijing Zoo. People warned me it might be a depressing experience, but I only truly knew what they meant when I saw the zoo in real life.

The animals all seemed very dirty and sad. Their living conditions were much worse than any zoo I have ever encountered. However, on the plus side of this chaos I got to pet a Zebra and feed it! I’m pretty sure there was a sign telling people not to feed them, but everyone else was doing it and I wasn’t going to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime to feed celery to a zebra….Naturally I took a selfie with the zebra after. If you feed a zebra and don’t take a selfie with it after, did it really happen?

My favorite exhibit of the day was the Panda house. All of the Pandas were eating lots of bamboo and seemed like very lazy creatures. However, they were adorable. It was worth the 5 extra kuai we had to pay to see them!