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One of the museums I had planned to visit while my stay in Beijing was the Today Art Museum. This was not only due to its proximity to my apartment; Beijing distances can be very far apart, but due to its actual content.

I was surprised by the contemporary art pieces that I saw both inside and outside the building. The art pieces consist on mixed media arts from Chinese artists; including paintings, sculptures, interactive light installations and digital graphic designs.

I could see some resemblance and complete different aspects between Western-style contemporary art and Chinese art. Traditional art pieces show main aspects on people’s lifestyles and the way they interact with their environment, while contemporary art handles the way of showing art in a more abstract and subtle way.  Influences from politics and other areas on society are deformed and adapted to a way that shows the artist’s point of view.

In general I was amused by the way art is conceived and will visit other museums during my internship program. This not only helps me as inspiration as a designer, but also as a person, as I consider art nurtures the way we see the world around us.

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