My visit to the Great Wall worked out completely spontaneously. I was on my last free days just before I started my internship, and got to know two backpackers coming from the south of China who where also willing to get to know more of what Beijing had to offer. They were an American girl and a guy from Puerto Rico, we met at the Lama Temple, where other tourists get sight of each other due to our clear non-resemblance with locals.

The trip started very early in the morning and headed towards Mutianyu, one of the least affected parts of the Great Wall. It’s less crowded by daily tourists and hasn't been rebuilt to such an extent. In order for us to get to the top part we went on a cable car that dropped us off at the base of one of the towers. Once being there, we walked up to the highest tower spanning a total distance of 8km. Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t as clear as it could get, due to usual Beijing atmospheric conditions, however the sight up at the top was worth it. The Great Wall coils around the green mountains without being able to see the end to it.