While I am not an expert on business culture I have noted many differences on the way businesses are run in China versus in America. For example, Face is a very important thing in Asian culture. To "save face" means to basically not embarrass yourself or lower yourself in the workplace. It is very important that you do not do this or it can highly damage your image. In Chinese work places, a lot of things happen that are not always vocalized to the office. While in American culture, everyone is kept up to date on every major aspect of a company on a day to day basis, I have noticed that in my workplace in China, this is not the case. There are always many things going on, however they may not be brought up until they are finalized. Also, plans can change very quickly here. Another thing I have noted is how to hand out business cards in China. When at a Asian networking event you must always present your business card facing the other person with two hands on the card. This is how all Chinese present business cards and it is considered not polite to do otherwise. I have had a very positive experience at my internship and been welcomed by all of the Chinese and foreign staff. I think it is best to make good connections at the workplace because Beijing can be a very small place and every professional relationship you make, makes a difference.