I think every workplace in China is different. However, coming to China and working in a Chinese office is a very big transition from the American workplace. I have noticed many differences between my previous internships and this internship. There are many things I actually like better about the Chinese style of the workplace, but there are also things I appreciate from the American workplace.

PROS of Chinese Workplace:

-Relaxed schedule

-Foreigners have an opinion in day to day matters

-English skills are valued and put to use

-Proper credit is given for hard work

-Many opportunities for growth 

-Calm environment typically

CONS of Chinese Workplace:

-Less organized

-Different system than America is hard to get used to

-Slower pace overall from workers

-Language barrier can lead to confusion and miscommunications

If there are ever problems communicating at work I suggest either working on your Chinese language skills and showing an effort that you are trying to better understand the situation or if you have a foreign boss, just telling them up front that you are having trouble understanding the problem and think of a way to best fix the problem and find a solution. No one wants conflict in the workplace, so don’t let issues build up. Tackle them upfront calmly is my best advice.