After an eventful (and exhausting) night of celebrating my roommate’s birthday in Lan Kwai Fong, we all spent a day recuperating at Repulse Bay and partaking in authentic Cantonese seafood cuisine. We would all need the rest because the next day we all took a cable car trip to Lantau Island to see the giant Buddha at the Po Lin Monastery.

While the day wasn’t the most ideal for crystal clear, sunny pictures, the fog and mist obscuring the tops of the trees and mountain peaks made the remote location seem eerie and almost mysterious. Ascending the stairs to see the Buddha was exhausting, but my rationale is that the journey to spiritual peace is not an easy one. After a few attempts at clear pictures, we descended the stairs, only to find the fog dissipate as soon as we were at the bottom. We then meandered through the monastery and hopped on a bus to the Tai O fishing village, where we ate more seafood and finally got to try authentic Hong Kong milk bubble tea. In the states, the bubble tea shops in Chinatown were favorite haunts of my friends and me, so drinking the bubble tea in Hong Kong made me feel somewhat at home.

We then took the subway to Mong Kok, where we perused the Ladies’ Market and scored some awesome bargains. We ended our trip at Tim Ho Wan dim sum restaurant, where the legendary barbecue pork buns proved more than worthy of the 30 minute walk to get there. The next morning, my roommates and I went to Tsui Wah, a popular Cantonese breakfast joint. I love Cantonese breakfasts. I had macaroni noodle soup with sliced Spam, fried eggs, a buttered roll, a pineapple bun, and Hong Kong milk tea. This beats the socks off brown sugar Quaker Oats any day.

Overall, my trip to Hong Kong was a very fulfilling one. I went to every place I wanted to go to. The food never disappointed, and everyone was friendly and willing to show you around. I could definitely see myself living here, or at least visiting again. However, I’m glad to be leaving on a good note. I don’t want to get tired of this island, and after all, I do have an internship to complete. See you later, Hong Kong, we’ll meet again.