As much as I love my new internship, I always look forward to the weekend, and especially this weekend because it’s the Dragon Festival. I remember that back in Philadelphia, different cultural organizations would gather together at the Delaware River and race their boats as onlookers sipped coconut juices and ate all sorts of Asian snacks on the grass. The festival here, apparently, is no trivial matter. Special foods are made, boats are raced, and everyone takes off from work to join the festivities. While we didn’t catch any races or partake in the Color Run that was also this weekend, my friends and I decided to have a jam-packed day of obstacle courses, dinosaurs, and burritos.

I had been to Chaoyang Park a few times before, but this time was by far the most exhausting visit. I ziplined across the lake, teetered on suspended logs, and hoisted myself onto rope ladders. It took us two hours to finish the course and by the time we were done our hands were raw, our quads were sore, and we were in dire need of ice cream. After a quick stop at McDonalds, we made our way over to see the new Jurassic World movie (which I might add is worth the hype). And after a long walk, we finally made our way to a Tex-Mex restaurant I spied a week ago on my commute to work. What are the odds! A Tex-Mex restaurant in Beijing. Everything was pretty authentic too, from the beans and cheese to the tacky interior decoration.

While I didn’t spend the first day of the festival in the traditional sense, I still have two more days to go! Perhaps I’ll partake in those glutinous rice cake desserts I keep seeing on the street…