1.What is the difference between working in China vs U.S?

The main difference would be the mentality towards work and stress on the job. People work very hard but, are more patient. In the states it feels like it there is more pressure because there is less time in an overall work day to finish what needs to be done.

As workdays on average run 10-12 hours (with 1-2 hour lunch), most people are able to complete what they need to rather than rushing like how they do in the states (where there it is usually 7-8 hours for most jobs with a 30 mins-1hr lunch break).

2.How has your internship affected your perspective about your major?

As I am 3 months into my 6 months co-op my perspective about my major has not really changed. No matter where you go, any work that requires research, drafting, samples,  patterning, construction, scaling (grading patterns to different sizes ex: s, m, l, custom), and marketing will be very time-consuming.

My perspective has not changed, but I am now able to accept that it is a demanding career, even for people who are more experienced. However, it is still something I wish to pursue in the long run.

3. What is the typical work day like?

As a design intern, my duties are rarely the same on a day to day basis so I cannot really say. My boss creates assignments for me based on incoming orders or her new projects. But some assignments will be repeated every 2 weeks (when the materials I have prepped have run out).

4. What do you do at work?

At my internship I  make patterns by hand, make copies of patterns, making patterns on adobe illustrator, do retail analysis, cut pieces for assembly, design/make sleeping masks, take photos for my boss’ presentations, create reference catalogs (by taking measurements from her samples and from the finished patterns), and help her with anything else in the office in order to increase production.

5. New skills/ what I have learned at the studio?

At the studio, I have gotten some hands-on experience prepping and working with silk. As it is a new material I haven’t really worked with, getting a “fabric hand” for it is an asset.

As of right now I can loop turn the bias straps I have been cutting (as her straps are couture quality and a normal loop turner will not fit inside, I have to use a needle to do this). I have also learned a few shortcuts on adobe illustrator on scaling.

6. What product would you recommend to others?

At work, we use Chalko liners by Clover with a wheel dispenser. I feel as if it is easier to use and easier to take off from the fabric compared to chalk pencils. I have used chalk paper before which is very useful for pinwheel tracers but depending what color you use, it can be very difficult to remove the marks.

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