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Work & Travel in Cambodia

Escape the mundane, become culturally agile, get practical work experience in a beautiful and exotic environment


Work & Travel in Cambodia

Escape the mundane, become culturally agile, get practical work experience in a beautiful and exotic environment

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We provide the best internships in Phnom Penh paired with the excitement of travel.

Get on the fast track to success and exploration.



We provide a range of services and resources to help you hit the ground running.  From the moment you apply, to your interview, your arrival in the country, your first day of work, to your last day of work. We make sure everything goes smoothly.

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You have the education, you have the motivation, your plans to be a rock star/professional athlete aren't paying out yet. Get worthwhile and educational professional experience, while you wait. You're not in a class room anymore.



Escape the dorms or your mother's house and get your own room in a shared flat. Don't worry about utilities or bills, it's all inclusive. We even have people to clean up after you. All the perks of home but none of the nagging. 

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So come to find out you aren't able to go anywhere and do anything you want. Travel involves paperwork and bureaucracy. It doesn't have to be your headache. Get Visa and travel support.



Now you're here! What to do? Where to go? How to do it? Get all the answers and more with our comprehensive orientation.



Skip the hassle and the stress of getting to your new home from the airport. Have a private driver waiting for you when you arrive, with the name sign and everything.



How do you present yourself on paper and in person? MCO will assist you in developing a professional and relevant resume/CV, review and prepare you for the interview process and assist with post internship job applications. 



See the sites, go out on the town, have something to photograph to make your friends and family back home jealous. Join us for our monthly excursions. Selfy stick not included.



In a new place you will always have questions and sometimes at unreasonable hours. "What's that sound? How do I say 1 more in Khmer? Does this look infected? What is the average airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" Get all the answers and more with our 24 Hours Help services.


*Fees apply (rent ain't free)


College debt already got you tied up for the next 30 years and on a budget or are you a do it yourselfer? Apply for a free program and contact host companies directly. Send us your CV, area of interest, and we will send relevant contact information. info(at)


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MCO Internship Experience

MCO Internship Experience

Gain Professional Experience In A MCO Vetted Host Company

We help you find a legitimate position


We Vet Every Company to Ensure:

  • you are in a professional working environment  (no home offices)
  • have an on-staff mentor
  • receive a well-rounded professional experience (no teaching English to Chinese staff, no translation work 8 hours a day, etc.) 
      MCO Host Companies

    MCO Host Companies

    We have partnered with over 200 international corporations, fashion/design studios, local companies, small to mid size businesses and start-ups

    Internship Placements Are Based On Your:

    Experience, Goals, & Skills

    You Choose Your Internship, We Help Guide You There



    Animation/Graphic Design/Product Design




    Marketing/Advertising/PR/Event Management

    Public Policy/NGO/International Relations





    Is MCO for YOU?

     MCO Marketing Intern at Ruder Finn

    MCO Marketing Intern at Ruder Finn

    MCO is for those who are looking for a grand adventure, while gaining meaningful work experience. In the years past, MCO has hosted a wide range of students and professionals with different expectations and backgrounds.

    Participating in our program is ideal for:

    ·        Students looking to gain professional experience in their selected major

    ·        Anyone going through a professional transition & looking to explore alternative options

    ·        Students wanting to try something different as they are unsure of what to do

    ·        Recent grads that are looking to develop their career internationally

    ·        Graduates that find their industries saturated at home and are unable to find jobs

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    Why Cambodia?

    Why Cambodia?

    Cambodia is one of the fastest growing economies. This growth has fed a demand for English and Chinese speaking staff giving young professionals from abroad opportunities to get worth while job experience at a high value rate. The current global climate is consolidation and globalization. Young professionals can earn a competative advantage by “getting into a market early” in its growth cycle. 




    The Silver Pagoda 

    The Silver Pagoda or Wat Preah Keo is the most popular Buddist temple in Phnom Penh. Another great example of Khmer art.


    Central Market

    This is a massive market complex. Inside is a huge selection of jewels, gold, electronic goods, stationery, secondhand clothes and flowers.



    A weekend destination and accessible from Phnom Penh by train. A nice coastal area to relax & enjoy the sun.

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    National Museum 

    The musuem is home to the best collection of Khmer sculptures and design

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    Wat Phnom

    The only hill in town topped with a Buddhist temple. 


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    Angkor Wat

    Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world, built during the the Khmer Empire. A weekend trip to the north of Cambodia.


    Cambodia not your cup of tea? Check out our China Program


    Cultural Agility

    Cultural Agility

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    Gain Real World Skills, While Exploring a New Culture

    A career development program for students and graduates looking to become culturally agile, while developing their career path. 


    What does it mean to be culturally agile and why is it important?

    If you want to succeed in this global economy, you need to become serious about becoming culturally agile. This means being able to work effectively across cultures and appropriately responding to different behaviors and worldviews. You need to be: Self-aware (be perceptive of your own cultural biases, behaviors, and worldviews); Aware of your environment and adjusting your behavior to harmonize, without mimicking; Adaptable to cultural differences, while being flexible to the situation; Being authentic; Learning about other cultures, while immersing yourself and seeking out new experiences.

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    CEO’s name cultural agility competence as one of the most critical leadership skills

    The demand by Organizations and Corporations for culturally agile young professionals far exceeds the supply.



    To lead expansion into new markets /// To help compete in emerging markets ///To lead collaborations in cross-border partnerships and transactions /// To work in international teams with shared goals and objectives /// To meet the demands for future global business endeavors.