Why MCO China Internships- For Parents 

In today’s tough economic times, it is important for your child to have prior working experience before landing a full-time position after graduation. By participating in My China Opportunity’s internship or fellowship program, your child will gain hands-on international experience to help jump-start their career. Our programs are designed for students to have a multifaceted experience in China, covering various aspects that include language, culture, and business. Major benefits of participating in My China Opportunity’s programs include:

A guaranteed internship placement that fits your child’s skill sets & ambitions

Since we are highly networked, we are able to offer the best internship opportunities. Your child will be able to choose an internship that best matches their interests and skill sets. We will guide your child step-by-step through the recruitment process until a desired internship position is found. More importantly, we don’t just offer a placement, but also an experience for your child to see the world outside of a developed country.


A structured internship program that allows students to grow personally and professionally:

We create an itinerary of exclusive MCO guest speaker events, networking opportunities, and Chinese language classes to go along with the program. There will be specific tasks each week for your child to get involved as much as possible while they are in China.

International work experience that adds value

By interning in China, your child will experience a new culture, gain tangible working experience in an area that interests them, and build a professional network that could ultimately lead to great job opportunities after graduation. Being able to add the experience of China onto your child’s resume will show future employers that they are willing to step outside of their comfort zone. Each internship selected by My China Opportunity is held to the highest standard possible and is checked to make sure that students are gaining a well-rounded experience during their internship.

24/7 support during the duration of the internship

When your child arrives, we provide the contact details of a program coordinator who is available to help whenever they need support. We understand that coming to a foreign country is not an easy task, which is why we will always be a phone call away and ready to help, whether it’s looking for a hospital, providing directions, or giving any other advice. We keep contact with the host company to make sure your child is excelling and that everything is running smoothly during the internship.

An opportunity to experience a new culture

Stepping outside of one’s native country is a great way to learn about a new culture and a different language. The international experiences will ultimately shape the person your child will be in the future.

An opportunity to develop a professional network in China & make new friends

We can’t stress how important a professional network is for your child. By joining our program, your child will meet professionals from a multitude of different industries and make friends from around the world.A safe environment and peace of mind: We understand that safety is a top priority for most parents when they consider a study aboard opportunity for their child. As the capital of China, Beijing is a place where public security is not a problem.