Frequently Asked Questions 


Application Process & Our Programs:


And the number one question! is pollution as bad as the media portrays? 

There is no denying the pollution is bad in the winter. During the winter months more coal is burned as a coal is still used for heat. This along with decreased precipitation increases pollution between November and March. In the spring, summer, and fall things are breezy and blue with a few days of light pollution but nothing comparable to the winter. 


Why should I choose an internship, study or recruitment program through My China Opportunity?

We strongly believe that our China internship programs are the most unique & personalized. We have over 9 years of China experience and know quite a bit about the structure of China. Since our company is managed by Americans, we know exactly what it feels like to be an expat in China. We know what the communication barriers are and how to adjust to the culture smoothly. When our participants arrive, we don’t just drop them off and wish them the best of luck. We are there every step of the way.


How can I transition to life in China?  

Once you join our group in China, you are now part of our China family. If you ever have problems, we are always one phone call away. You will also be given a contact card of a representative from our organization that can help you at any moment of time. We organize cultural and social activities each week so that you have opportunities to make friends and learn more about China. We also have a wide network of individuals that are in China expanding their careers and studying the culture. China is not a small place anymore and there are people from every part of the world experiencing this country.


What kind of qualifications do I need to participate in an internship in China?

No prior work experience is necessary, but is definitely helpful. The most important qualification that you must have is that you are currently working on a degree in a university or have graduated from a university. Participants in our China internship program must also speak fluent English.


Will I receive a salary for my internship in China?

Companies in China that hire foreign interns are unpaid due to visa regulations. Although interns don’t receive a set salary, the companies we work with usually offer some sort of living & transportation stipend to help offset the costs involved in coming to China. These stipends vary from company to company.


Do I need to speak Chinese Mandarin to be able to participate in an internship in China?

No, Chinese Mandarin is not required to participate in an internship in China, but it is definitely helpful. Although Chinese Mandarin is not required, participants must speak fluent English.


Where can I view the terms and conditions?

You can view our terms and conditions here. 


Is the deposit for the programs refundable?

The deposit for our program is refundable if we cannot place you in the prearranged internship that was initially choosen by you. The deposit is non-refundable if you decide to withdraw from the program.


Accommodation & Living


What type of accommodation do you offer?

We offer fully furnished western style accommodations that are located in a central part of the city. The accommodations are located in a walking distance to a subway and/or bus station.


If I have friends or family in China, am I required to stay in MCO China Internship's accommodation?

It is not a requirement to use our accommodations although it is highly recommended. Our accommodations are convenient for transportation and do not require the individual to have a long-term lease agreement. For information on program cost without accommodation included, please contact us.


How much money will I need for day to day expenses?

We recommend allocating 50-100 yuan ($7.50-15.00) per weekday and 100-450 yuan ($15-75) per weekend. Please refer to our additional costs page for more information on day-to-day expenses.




What types of visa will I be required to intern with?

All participants in our internship programs are required to come to China on M visas (Business).


Does the program fee include my initial visa fee in my home country?

The program fee does not include the initial visa fee in your home country, but we will help provide the correct documentation to obtain a proper visa.