MCO China Internships is a resource for students and young professionals to gain entry to the opportunities that lie in China. China is now the world’s second largest economy with an annual GDP of over 10866.44 billion US dollars. Chinese experience is now a fundamental requirement to be able to access the best employment opportunities around the globe. MCO offers career/internship consulting, internship placements, and a comprehensive program to ensure participants use their time effectively while in China. 




Why Is International Experience Important?





Preference to "employ graduates with international experience in Asia”


current supply of culturally agile professionals

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Cultural Agility can be fostered by learning and living abroad

CEO’s name cultural agility competence as one of the most critical leadership skills, according to a recent DDI survey




Why is there a demand for a culturally agile workforce?

  • To meet the demands for future global business endeavors
  • To lead expansion into new markets
  • To help compete in emerging markets
  • To lead collaborations in cross-border partnerships and transactions
  • To work in international teams with shared goals and objectives

84% felt that interning abroad helped them build valuable job skills, such as language proficiencycultural trainingadaptability, & communication


By coming to China, it is your opportunity to gain knowledge of local customs, norms, language, legal systems, and infrastructure.