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Animation/Graphic Design/Product Design

For any creative industry, what you have learned is not nearly as important as what you have done. Your portfolio and the projects you have worked on speak louder than any CV or resume. This makes early experience essential to starting your career on the right path.

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With any creative field, getting out of your comfort zone, seeing new methods and styles is instrumental in growing and developing. These positions will help you expand your skill sets and develop your portfolio.

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These positions are the opportunity perfect for future business executives and market leaders. They will be the perfect stepping stone to get the skills and experience necessary to launch a professional career.



Developing a technical career involves years of training and on the site experience. These internships put you in a position to do real hands on work.



The ability to bring a vision to life in film and media takes a small army. Being a part of this team opens many opportunities for a young person interested in developing a career. It can all start with an internship.

Film Production Internship


Marketing/Advertising/PR/Events Management

Working overseas gives young interns an opportunity to become the voice and the public presence of a company. Your language skills and training will be instrumental in a business to represent themselves locally and internationally, giving you the experience you need to grow.


Public Policy/NGO/International Relations

The world is a complicated connection of businesses, organizations and government. The skills to develop, network and push forward a plan are worth their weight in gold in both the public and private sector. Get an internship that will give you the experience you need to create your own future.