Each month, MCO will host one social, cultural, or professional activity. MCO will also give weekly information about different activities happening around the city.

Social Activities 

Social activities are a way to build relationships with others to help you have a more enjoyable time in China. These activities will range from going out to dinner together to attending events.

Cooking and art classes are offered around town if you have interest. Several workout organizations can be found throughout the city that bring fun and exercise together like the Swedish Heyrobics organization and The Hash House Harriers. Houhai lake is a nice place to rent a boat and relax on a lazy Sunday. There are many parks around the city as well, where you can relax with a picnic on a Saturday afternoon.

Depending upon the weather, events, and mood we will enjoy one another’s company every so often!



Information exchange is an important element in the development of your career and future opportunities. Networking is a prime way to put you in the reaches of these possible opportunities. China is rich in a diverse range of networking organizations that meet at least once or twice a month. Whether you have interest in developing your own business or career there is something out there for you. Events range in topic from art/fashion, renewable energy, and international trade shows to general networking. We will be sure to direct you in whatever direction your interests lie. 

Networking Events in Beijing:

  • Beijing Energy Network
  • BEER
  • The FC Club Events
  • The American Chamber of Commerce
  • The European Chamber of Commerce
  • Internations

Cultural Activities 

The Great Wall

One of the most fascinating things to see in China is the Great Wall. Most structures of the Great Wall seen today were built during the Ming Dynasty, although many parts of the wall were built before that time. Since many of the areas of the Great Wall are overcrowded, My China Opportunity takes you to parts of the wall that are secluded.

Tian’ anmen Square

Tian’anmen is the world’s largest square. Travelling to the square is quite fascinating to perceive because long ago it was merely used as a corridor running south between ministry buildings. Around Tiananmen Square there are many things to see such as the Great Hall of the People, the National Museum, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall, and the Monument of the People’s Heroes.

Forbidden City

This work of art was built during the Ming Dynasty and was an important political center during that time. Today many people from around the world come to see this marvel.

Summer Place

This amazing scenic park of Beijing is located in the Northwest area of the city and is surrounded by Kunming Lake. The summer palace is one beauty and cultural relic in Beijing and is an extraordinary place to go. While at the summer palace, you can rent boats and have a picnic on the lake.

Old Summer Place (Yuanmingyuan)

Just outside the summer palace is a place called Yuanmingyuan (Garden of Perfect Brightness), which is home to many small palaces and botanical gardens. Yuanmingyuan is not really a palace and is more of a park. Since it’s not usually filled with many tourists, it’s a great place to go and relax for the day.

Lama Temple

This temple is a famous place to visit in Beijing. Long ago, it was the home of Qing Dynasty Prince Yang before he became the emperor. One tradition inside the temple long ago was keeping a designated area as a lamasery for Tibetan monks. Today the temple is occupied with monks, worshippers, and tourists from all around the world.