Once you arrive in China, you will undergo an interactive orientation class that will help you transition into local life. The infrastructure of China is quite different than that of ours in the west and takes some time to adjust to. Our orientation will help you stand on your own two feet and not feel helpless when dealing with China’s living structure. Some topics we will cover are:

  • Buying credit for your cell phone
  • Understanding Chinese visas
  • Chinese Medicine/Hospitals/Dentists
  • Public transportation
  • Useful Chinese websites
  • How to make extra pocket money
  • Safety
  • Neighborhood Exploration 

Welcome Package 

Our Welcome Package is specifically designed to help you transition the moment you arrive in China. The items that are in your welcome package will help make your transition into China much smoother. The contents of our welcome package are listed below.

Welcome Package Contents

  • Beijing Transportation Card – For Subway and Bus