Support Services

Coming to China is a challenge in itself. My China Opportunity understands the struggles that participants may have before and after their arrival into China. Our support service is provided to help our participants whenever they encounter difficult situations or problems. If there is ever a need for support, we are always one phone call away. Typical situations that might arise are listed below. No matter what situation arises, we will always be there to help.


Visa Assistance: Before your arrival, we offer visa assistance to make sure you arrive to China on the correct visa.

Practical Advice: My China Opportunity can offer any pre-arrival advice you may need before you land in China.


Practical China Advice: If you need advice on challenging situations that may arise, we will always be able to offer support.

Emergency Assistance: Someone will always be available to offer assistance over the phone if any problems may arise.

1st day of Work: A member from My China Opportunity will direct you on your first day to the company. We will provide you with vital information on the fastest ways to get to work

Check-Up: Someone from our staff will contact you weekly to make sure that everything is going well with your stay and your internship in China.