Name: Ann Manly

University: Stanford University

Internship: Animation Internship 

Can you tell us about any projects or work experience that you have gained in your internship?


My favorite project thus far has been working on the mock-up designs for an interactive animation for my studio's new website.  The animation lists the services they provide and allows you to click on a category and then it expands to display the subcategories of services.  The project was complex and had to be simultaneously visually appealing, functional and informative.  My director and I had a lot of differing opinions.  But the challenge only made me want to work harder, because I knew once I succeeded, it would mean more to me than finishing something easy.

Are you using the skills that you acquired in college on a day to day basis at work?


The skills that I am using mostly come from previous internships.

What is the strangest thing you have encountered so far?


The strangest thing I have encountered is how people stare and take pictures of me everywhere I go.

Is there any advice you would give to future interns, before they come to China?


Try to learn as much Chinese as you can because it's the main thing holding me back.  It will make the experience so much better; however, the city is completely survivable without any Chinese.  Bring comfortable shoes - you'll be walking so much.  Stock up on hand sanitizer, cleansing wipes, face wash, anything to keep clean in the muggy summer months.  Find someone who has been to the city before.  Sit down and have lunch with them.  Bring a notepad or take notes on your phone.

Please describe a typical week in Beijing 


Monday through Friday I wake up around 8 and take the subway to work.  I work from 9AM-7PM.  I eat lunch at some local places with the other girls from my office.  After work, I usually go home and make some food in my apartment.  I spend the evening relaxing, watching TV, sketching, journaling, catching up with friends and family via the internet.  Occasionally I meet up with other people from MCO and get dinner, a foot massage or go window shopping around one of the many upscale mall areas.  Twice a week I have a private Chinese lesson at a coffee shop near my work.  On the weekends I try to go sight-seeing.  MCO sets up a lot of activities for us, for instance, we went camping on the Great Wall.  At night we seek out Beijing's renowned nightlife for drinks, dancing and open mic nights.