MCO Intern, Ryan, and MCO Co-founder, Chris, hanging out in the Hutong area  

MCO Intern, Ryan, and MCO Co-founder, Chris, hanging out in the Hutong area  

Name: Ryan Logan Huerter

Universtiy: Western Washington University

Internship: Marketing Internship

Being an intern with My China Opportunity has been a great success for me. The instant my plane touched down in Beijing, I was taken in by the team, which made this experience even more inviting.

China is a mysterious place to Westerners, which can make visiting/working to some less desirable. However, the greatest wisdom I have ever been given is; “if you have butterflies about something and you decide to opt out; you’ll never grow”.   I came to China with those butterflies and have done nothing but grow….

With the economy booming in China, opportunity is vast; whether it is international or domestic. This, among many other reasons was why I initially decided to intern here. Economists at the IMF have stated that by 2016, China’s economy will surpass the United States. After hearing this, gaining China experienced seemed beneficial and important for the development of my career.

Through this program, I traveled to many different parts of Asia, learned crucial Chinese business etiquette, studied the language, met a fun interactive social group, and made valuable connections through networking events. Everyday our network of friends would be up to doing something; whether it was going to a local market or riding a train outside of the city to go for a hike.

As far as the internship itself, I learned a lot of useful skills. Being from the West and having a western education goes a long way in China. What I mean by this is that your advice/ideas actually get put into play, which comparable to the States, an internship is more like having a babysitter teaching you how to do busy work. The Chinese need innovation and creativity, this alone allowed me to test the real currents in the marketing industry. I was not only part of the marketing team, but in many cases the team leader. The three months of experience I gained here, would have taken me two years in the US.

-Ryan Huerter

Beijing Intern for summer of 2012!